A charming stay, immersed in refined design and surrounded with breathtaking landscape.


There are five suites that hide within them the most precious treasures: the ability to welcome you in an oasis of absolute beauty and incredible serenity. This territory embraces you, and the experience is never disappointing, nor taken for granted.

Five beautiful suites to enjoy with pure decadence that will regenerate your soul. It is the attention to detail that will amaze and pamper you, that will make you fall in love with the four-post bed, and the large windows that overlook the wonderful green hues of the Marche hills. The deco furnishings along with the contemporary ones, the subtle lighting  and the small accessories that all make up these microcosms of refined taste. 

All our guests can enjoy the pool and the garden. They can use the solarium area, two tanning beds with beach umbrellas or gazebos and one pool towel for everyone.

The Bonsai Suite

This small suite pays homage to Japan and in a particular way to what its culture shows us and how in the essentiality and in the reduction of the superfluous, one can find spiritual peace. 

The Bonsai Suite is a magical place, it offers a panoramic view from its windows, while the delighful Bonsai that surround you, live only to receive the light and warmth that streams from those wonderful windows to them. They sit there silently, patiently, but if you steal their spirit they will be with you and in your memories forever. Take a selfie with one if you so desire. They will always be waiting for you to return.

The Balloon Suite

A tribute to travel, to the places of being, an irrepressible love towards continuous, constant adventure, that never stops. In a word “freedom.”

This living space consists of balloons: suspended above your bed, a multitude of bright colors, symbols of childhood and joy. Homage to travel, to be lulled and lost, homage to the most romantic and unique city in the world, Venice, or better still, Murano, the home of artigan glass-making furnaces  and  the ancient art of master glass blowing,  skills that are almost lost.


The Fire Suite

Fire, an absolute primordial element, ever omipresent in this suite, this element is canopied by a surrounding C-shaped garden ceiling. A modern black canopy encircles a large black ceramic vase in the center of the room, and from the large windows one mainly sees the green landscape that lies beyond. The low rise-Burmese teak loft, allows a view of the fire at eye  level and two armchairs in deco style sage green, are positioned in privileged position, that allow you to admire a breathtaking view. 

Telescope Suite

The telescope suite, might be a choice that depends your passions. Whether you like to stargaze or just stare at the  quaint surrounding towns on the hilltops, it is of no consequence to us. This extraordinary astronomy instrument, represents a symbol of people accustomed to looking for something, that is never close, or taken for granted, but sooner or later attainable.

It will not be the white porcelain bathtub or the solid modern ceiling that catches your attention, nor will it be the comfortable armchair that envelops you. It will be high glass opening in the wall that  to an illuminated valley, which is home to the twenty-two towns. The enchanting view includes the sea to the right and the town of Ascoli Piceno in the valley below. This is this  suite’s wonder – its view.

The Mirror Suite

Refracting light and duplicating images, the mirror is symbolic of the formation of one’s ego. Elegant in shape with a story behind each one, mirrors have always fascinated people. In this suite you can sit in a minimalist concept armchair that is very zen, modern and Japanese.

You might sip a coffee or read a book, but we would like to think that you happy and relaxed, reflected by a fulfilled and satisfying smile after a well-deserved day of rest.  People have always loved mirrors, so we wanted to create a romantic living space for you to enjoy

Luxury Boutique Hotel located in the town of Controguerra (TE). A modern and sophisticated design location.

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