The modern vision of a new Eden


IDEA 18 Boutique Hotel was born where the tradition of the past winks at the future and innovation, in a timeless place embraced by enchanting hills and charming valleys. Despite the changing world, the resilient people, the teachings of history, the experience, the foolish technology: eating and drinking well will always remain the main and binding prerogatives.

Producers of fontina or black pig farmers are the real heroes, all those people who defend DOP, DOC, IGT, DOCG, a lot of acronyms that too often refer to chic products only. We believe in all this. We only want to value the work done by the others; we clearly will add our commitment and all this will be communicated.

Giving value to something means to improve, to increase, to exalt something. Doing this, we must be willing to learn from others, get involved, study, engage in the dynamics of hospitality that is mainly an exchange of experiences. To be good guests you must have had the privilege of being hosted, you must be surprised by the skills of others, understand how others do and remember how much one thing pleased us especially and simply replicate it, improve it, adapt it to our needs, leaving unaltered that sense of pleasure and well-being that all this has given us.


Respect of the surrounding environment. Ability to know how to wait for the natural growth of things. Love for a generous land. Water recovery and waste reduction. Respect for seasonality. Defense of traditions (tastes or products). A constant improvement of the qualitative aspect.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

(Mahatma Gandhi)


Not using herbicides or chemical and industrial fertilizers, different plantings in line with the climate of the area, rediscovering essences designed to recreate micro organisms that will generate bio diversity. So we wanted to make our territory, the walkways made of chestnut in naturalistic engineering, designed to create an environment as hospitable as possible for the proliferation of butterflies and bees.


Five design suites for a charming and relaxing stay
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Luxury Boutique Hotel located in the town of Controguerra (TE). A modern and sophisticated design location.

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C.da San Fedele
Controguerra (TE) – 64100