The modern vision of a new Eden


Where respect for the tradition of the past blends harmoniously with an innovative perspective of the future, in a timeless place nestled among charming hills and picturesque valleys, stands IDEA18 Boutique Hotel. Although the world is transforming and advanced technology enchants us, the pleasure of hospitality will always remain a priority for people.


To recognize the value of something is to enhance its importance and celebrate its significance. That is why it is essential to be open to learn from others, get involved, study and immerse oneself in the complex dynamics of hospitality, which is first and foremost an exchange of experiences.

To be a valuable guest, it is essential to have had the privilege of being hosted before. We should be fascinated by the skills of others, try to understand their approach, and, above all, remember how we felt when we received a special treatment. We therefore need to replicate, improve and customize these experiences according to our needs, while keeping intact that sense of joy and well-being we experienced.


At IDEA18, we believe that respecting nature and connecting with the land are fundamental to creating an authentic and unforgettable experience for our guests. When you cross the threshold of our hotel, you will feel the unique atmosphere that comes from these deep roots in the land. Every detail, from the architecture to the kitchen, has been designed with the intention of celebrating and enhancing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

(Mahatma Gandhi)


We take care of garden without the use of herbicides and chemical fertilisers, choosing instead natural methods and selecting plants considering climate and the ground, in order to create a more balanced environment that favours biodiversity and the proliferation of bees and butterflies.



Five design suites for a charming and relaxing stay
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Luxury Boutique Hotel located in the town of Controguerra (TE). A modern and sophisticated design location.

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