the most innovative culinary experience that respects the tradition and richness of the territory


An undying love for the territory, its produce and an endless passion for cooking, the Chef and this location make the perfect complement. Utmost care for the choice of each ingredient, very high attention to detail, avant-garde and innovative cooking techniques, honor  the strong bond with the land’s produce in which Idea 18 is rooted. Attractive, with a very large vegetable component. A fresh, linear, preserved or light-toned cuisine with many marinades. Fast, non-invasive, preserved or dry cooking, designed to avoid the violent impact of heat”.


Innovation and respect, in a quest to improve extraordinary food. On the basis of  these principles we offer our food products. Organic vegetables, fresh  milk & cream and home-made diary cheeses, the curing of butcher’s meat. Here you will find farmyard animals in the courtyard, and fresh hen’s eggs in the henhouse. The best meats are kept in special refrigerating units, designed to tenderise it. The super tenderising process of the meat increases the goodness and its digestibility, enhancing  the complexity of its flavors and aroma.

We wanted to pay homage to the world of wine by creating Idea18 hybrid beers, with the collaboration of artisan breweries.


Wishing one “buon appetito” also means wishing one a “good experience”. We believe in healthy foods.  Here in the Scrocchiarello the sound of a tender olive exploding in ones mouth leaves a  unique taste of tomato. We savour the wonderful bitterness of chichory, filled in the the smooth texture of a mountain potato.


“Time is relative, its only value is given by what we do, as it passes.”

Luxury Boutique Hotel located in the town of Controguerra (TE). A modern and sophisticated design location.

Where We Are

C.da San Fedele
Controguerra (TE) – 64100