A story of passion and dedication that has deep roots


In the heart of IDEA18 Boutique Hotel there is a story of passion and dedication that has deep roots, a story created by Anna Illuminati supported by Mauro Scaramucci. Anna comes from a family of wine entrepreneurs, where respect for nature and hospitality have always been at the heart of the company philosophy. These values have been transmitted from generation to generation and Anna learnt precious business lessons from our parents from an early age.




Idea Menu 

3 starters, 2 main courses, 1 second course

A six-course menu with dishes that have earned a small historicity in this first year of life.

40,00 Euros (wines not included)

18 Menu

2 starter, 1 main course, 1 second course 

A 4-course menu with an eye on the most traditional products and traditions of this geographic area … fresh pasta, lamb, legumes, rabbit, potatoes.

35,00 Euros (wines not included)


The culture of the region is the foundation on which Anna’s story is built. Growing up in an environment where the land is sacred, she learnt to value the surrounding landscape. Respect for nature is an integral part of her family and this ethos is now reflected in the IDEA 18 Boutique Hotel.

Here, Anna will offer hospitality that embraces the traditions of the land and transforms them into a unique experience. Because the land is more than a place: it is a fundamental part of identity, a resource to be jealously guarded and the same time to be given to those who want to appreciate it.




Luxury Boutique Hotel located in the town of Controguerra (TE). A modern and sophisticated design location.

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